Finixx is a Thai company which has built up a long experience of research and development in the field of tires industry. Finixx Tires are made of extremely high quality Thai rubber, which is the one of the best types around the world. Finixx Technology has been evolved and developed in collaboration with American and Swedish scientist team. Finixx has experts of high qualifications in the field of perfecting Nano Technology polymer and integrate them into the perfect solution for producing high quality tires for normal road and hazard road condition. Mix Sis technology is the outcome of the Finixx tire safety research and development efforts.Originally, Mix Sis technology has been used for armored vehicles, as 360° protection is needed to be provided for the tires in order not to go flat. Now this same technology has been scaled down to civil commercial uses; for passenger cars tires, protecting civilians during their daily transport. Finixx provides comfort and high safety standards to their consumers. Development of Finixx aims to achieve its motto “Never Goes Flat” without the necessity to tire replacement and adds miles to tire life. Therefore, the customers do not need to invest in a “spare tire” and prevent risk of accidents resulting from tire explosion on the highway or accidents resulting from driving a vehicle with a low pressure tire. In addition to their strong presence in Thailand, Finixx tires are exported to countries all over the world, including countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.